Avocet Vertech and Vertech II
Services offered include: (1) Battery Replacement and (2)New Case Body

1. Do you need a battery replacement?

Signs of a failing battery.
A weak battery can cause the altitude display to range over hundreds or thousands of feet within a short period. Also, the altimeter, thermometer, or barometer may be abnormally high or low. Batteries last about 24 months on units manufactured before 2000. The serial number on the back of the Vertech is keyed to the manufacture date. Units with serial numbers that start with A, B, C, D, or E are all over 4 years old.

You should send your Vertech to the Avocet Service Center for battery replacement.
We do not recommend that you replace a Vertech battery yourself or have a jeweler do it for you. After two years use, the Vertech is ready for factory service that will ensure its precision. If the Avocet Service Center finds that the Vertech needs service other than battery replacement, they will notify you.

Vertech battery service costs $25 and includes return shipping*.
Included in the service is replacement of the battery and o-ring seal, calibration of the altimeter & barometer. Also included is a system analysis and a test for water resistance that ensures the integrity of all five o-ring seals in the instrument to a depth of ten feet. If the instrument fails the leak test, a new case will be required. To expedite service in the event that your original case body leaks, please preauthorize case body replacement on the return form

2. Do you need a new case body?

If the case is cracked and leaks or if the lower buttons are worn out, you need a new case body. You may also want a new case body if your lens is excessively scratched.
Case replacement essentially gives you a new watch because you get new case body and battery.

Vertech case replacement service costs $75 and includes return shipping*
Includes the above battery service ($25)

*US residents only. Customers outside US see below.


Processing and shipping time
The average processing time is 3-4 working days after Avocet receives the instrument which does not include transit time. Allow for shipping time each way. We typically ship postal 1st class. Expedited shipping costs are available at $52.00 for next afternoon, $26.00 for 2-day delivery or $21.00 for 3 day express. Use the return form or a note to request one-day processing and expedited shipping if desired.

Please fill out and include the return form requesting battery service, Include your name, address, phone number, and email address. Make payment by Visa or Mastercard. Include your account number and expiration date. Send your Vertech by insured mail or by UPS.

For Service Centers Outside the US, Click this Link
If you are unable to find a Service Center in your country, or in a nearby country, please send the Vertech to our Service Center in California. The cost for the battery service is $25 (US). The additional charge for international shipping and handling via postal is $12 (Canada residents = $10). Avocet is not responsible for any additional duties or foreign taxes which might be applied by other country's custom agencies. If other repairs are required, additional charges may apply. Payments by international customers to the US Service Center must be made by Visa or Mastercard.